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From premium copy, press coverage, and link building to PPC, keyword optimization, and website design, search engine optimization marketing, or SEO, is really a term that encompasses a number of strategies. Most of these strategies can be used separately or together to improve a site’s ranking on search engine pages (SERPs) and ensure it is easier for consumers to get them.

At MilkyWeb, our experts utilize the best SEO marketing strategies to the advantage of your company. We analyze your business to discover which methods would work best and focus only on those to improve your authority and ranking with the largest search engines.

Our tailored approach, along with leading Wellington SEO tactics and innovative research and development, defines the best practices in the industry. We have been constantly looking for new and improved ways to bring your business to the forefront of the buyer market.

In the past, your company may have used billboards and TV to reach out to consumers. Today, with the advent of new technologies, advertisements have to evolve with the times. The Internet has revolutionized the way people shop, so the way we advertise must change with them.

Many businesses have previously transitioned online, creating an overcrowded marketplace and an overwhelming flow of information.

MilkyWeb uses SEO because the ultimate marketing treatment for helping consumers wade through a large number of launches, releases, and commercials. With so many choices to choose from, customers are trapped in a world of data, plus they need us to help them find the businesses that have the services and products they need.

Our team targets users searching for specific products and services and implement SEO strategies to connect them with your business. We build trust through authoritative information and engaging content in an effort to encourage conversions and sales.

People are already searching for your product or service. Use MilkyWeb to help them find what they want through SEO marketing.

WE ARE MilkyWeb

Milkyweb has gone global! We’ve full-time offices around the globe that’s staffed with talented people in the market. The sun never sets at MilkyWeb.

How do Search Engines work

  •  Indexing & Crawling Basics
  • Optimizing Crawl Budget
  • Intro to SEO

How do Search Engines work

  • Anatomy of a Search Result (Search Snippet)
  • What is On-page SEO (Content, Architecture, HTML)
  • What is Off-page SEO/Link Building (Social, Content-based, PR)

Keyword Research

  • Finding Seed Keywords: Mind Map for Keyword Research
  • Using Wikipedia, Forums for Keyword Research
  • Keyword Research Process – Identify Seed Keywords, Collect Metrics, Map Keywords
  • Google Keyword Planner Tool


Working with MilkyWeb starts with a complete assessment of your business. To build an effective strategy, we need to know everything: the good, the bad, and the slightly problematic. Once you sign on with us, we immediately conduct an internet site Audit to start out learning about your current strategies and operations.


In a Website Audit, we examine every aspect of your site to compile a list of things that look good and so are performing well, and also anything that needs improvement. We’re searching for more than just changes in color scheme or shift in font style-we determine if the facts that SEO are indexing are in order.

While most Wellington SEO firms may dismiss these details as unimportant aspects of your website, the largest search engines place plenty of value on them. When Google, Bing, and Yahoo are scrutinizing you to find out your value and authority, you can’t cut any corners or skip any steps.

Some of the most important things we audit on your own site include:

Title tags, meta tags, page copy, page title, alt attributes

  • URL structure
  • Navigation structure
  • Duplicate copy check
  • A/B & multivariate testing
  • Backlink review


MilkyWeb has helped companies transition onto the Internet for a long time. No matter your business’s size or industry, we have the experience you have to build an effective SEO marketing strategy. If you need to take your business to another level and reach a fresh spectrum of consumers, achieve out to us today.

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