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Our New Zealand-based app development company will perfectly implement your online business idea. Your suggestions and our expertise will be properly merged to complete the project successfully.

Let Us Show You How Innovative Mobile Application Solutions Work

We bring concepts to life, produce cutting-edge digital goods, and help clients get the most out of their investments in the mobile app development market.

Your Strategy | Your Plan | Actualized
We design for your company’s challenges while making digital appear good.

The diversified development experience of our team will allow your company to go further. You can rely on MilkyWeb Technologies to help you stay competitive whether you need native, cross-platform, or HTML5 apps. The most situation-appropriate solutions will be provided for you by our expert teams working across all key mobile platforms and our cutting-edge technology, from the initial concept to design and development, we work on building an app from scratch.

24 Hours Response Made Available

A dedicated project manager from MilkyWeb will be available, and you can always count on them to respond within 24 hours. Throughout the process to create mobile app reports will  be given by your project manager and we’ll aid in site launch and provide training if required.

Explore the other side of App Development by chosing to work with us wizard web developers in Auckland!

Let’s Talk About the Money – Cost of building an app from scratch 

“It depends and we are happy to provide suggestions” is our immediate response when raised about the costing. We are the experts in building an app from scratch and an average app might cost anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000. One of these three (3)  groups would include the majority of the apps:

⦁ $5,000 to $20,000 for a simple mobile app with basic features.
⦁ More functional yet somewhat complicated mobile app: between $20,000 and $50,000
⦁ $50,000+ for a sophisticated mobile app

We recognise that the pricing listed above may not have addressed all of your concerns. For specific pricing for your mobile app development, please get in touch with our MilkyWeb mobile app developer specialists.

2 Keys To Success in Developing And Marketing An App In New Zealand

The procedure doesn’t end after creating an app. Marketing and monetization are the two keys which are essential to an application’s continued success.

With more than 2 million apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, it might be difficult to ensure that people can find and use your app.

The key to success also relies on finding an ideal app development partner who is aware of the marketing component. Designers, programmers, and marketing experts make up MilkyWeb’s Auckland-based mobile team.

Your app will be developed, promoted, and made profitable with the help of our awesome team and highly skilled app developers.
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Businesses taking a plunge into the mobile market need a flexible and customisable platform for their applications.

iOS app development is possible the most sought-after way to build feature-rich and intuitive applications with precisely the right functionality.

From conceptualisation and design to development and deployment, we ensure that every step of the app development process is expertly managed for optimum results.

iOS boasts of a simplistic yet comprehensive interface which is a sound reason for any business to ensure they develop their apps for iOS.

iOs App Development Auckland


Android, powering over 85% of the world’s smartphones, holds the biggest and most diverse portfolio of users around the world.

The kind of proficiency and expertise we bring in makes us stand among the best of the best in the Android app development market.

Google’s Android operating system has led the task of penetration of the smartphone market. Android currently holds the biggest and most diverse portfolio of users around the world

However, the challenges for Android app development are the fragmentation of devices due to a number of device manufacturers producing devices in various dimensions and capabilities


  • Enhanced Compatibility – iOS devices may support a number of functionalities, including sensors, graphics processors, and networking capabilities. By doing this, you can be certain that your app’s wide range of features and functionality will always work with your iOS device.
  • Responsive Design – Our design team iterates the design of the app that is being developed in close collaboration with the clients to create designs that are efficient, clear, and responsive.
  • Platforms that are seamlessly integrated – Our iOS apps, whether they are for an iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch, are designed and imagined with a wide range of iOS users who utilise various iOS devices in mind.
  • Holistic user experience – We design visually stimulating journeys and captivating mobile app experiences that awe consumers at every turn. We examine the complete experience we intend to give, taking into account information architecture, user interface, and aesthetic design.
  • Maximum Security – The stability that iOS offers enable developers to devote more time to concentrate on specific aspects of the design and quality control of the mobile app. This stability will allow our programmers to create a safe platform that is unique to you and your company.


  • Low Cost & High Return on Investment – Businesses and companies frequently create applications to market their goods through in-app purchases, guaranteeing a high return on investment. On the other side, businesses might create applications for internal use by their staff to streamline company operations and increase efficiency. Thus, the app is successful in reaching its goals and proving to be a worthwhile investment.
  • Swift Integration – Ads, third-party services, and payment gateways are all easily integrated into Android apps without any issues or complications.
  • Gigantic user base – Around the globe, android applications are available on 84.7% of all portable devices. This massive utilisation not only guarantees excellent ROI but also creates new market opportunities for a company.
  • Open Source – Because the Android SDK was created using an open-source approach, you can engage with the community and influence how mobile applications will be created in the future. Because of this, people from a wide range of backgrounds find the Android platform to be extremely appealing.
  • Simpler and Quicker App Deployment – Once an app has been fully developed, it needs to be made accessible in the relevant app store. An easy-to-set-up app marketplace is the Android Play Store, which is hassle-free.

Working on hybrid platforms that help us develop the following:

⦁ Large-scale
⦁ UI-optimized
⦁ Cross-platform mobile applications is urgently needed given the explosive growth of privately owned smartphones.

By integrating HTML5 with “native application features and capabilities, hybrid application development enables a distinctive blend”.The advantages of both worlds are combined in hybrid mobile app development, which expands your audience.

It is the ideal fusion of many components,tools, and strategies that makes use of both web-based and native mobile technology.


Through the unique development of enterprise applications, MilkyWeb boasts of a strong support system for enterprise application development.

The correct mix of executive personnel and highly skilled technical developers makes up our team.

We provide and modify the method that is most focused on the needs of the client, taking into account their unique business module’s requirements and usage criteria.

Our corporate application development service aids contemporary firms in today’s globalised atmosphere in better and more effective self-promotion while establishing the most seamless operation of commercial organisations.

Gaming Mobile App Development

Games have the ability to reach an astounding number of consumers as the most popular app category. Mobile device users adore games, whether it’s killing time with a quick puzzle or getting lost in an interactive plot.

All of our iPhone, iPad, and Android game creations are driven by our desire to bring out the best in you.

The popularity of Apple iOS and Android OS has raised the bar for mobile game production.Today both professional and independent game creators are genuinely concentrating on iOS and Android-based mobile games.

Our sole goal when developing an iOS or Android game for you is to increase the number of clients that patronise your company. For the mobile games we create, meticulous planning and research have yielded us stunning game graphics and user-friendly UI. Test us out today and allow us to inspire you with fun and productivity that you can’t refuse.

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